This week in Bitcoin- 10-13-2021- Superspreading BTC 2022! Unbanked, Philosophy, MMT, Jamie Dimon, Steve Hanke, MUCH MORE!


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Salt Lake City, UT- Welcome to a very special edition of This week in Bitcoin! It is time to get scholarly in a BTC sense! A real college professor (Dr. Bradley Rettler) joins the panel today! Al's Lacrosse and Jonathan Hamel make triumphant returns to the show! We will talk about BTC philosophy, University level vs informal BTC education, Left/Right in the space, the progressive case for BTC, Jamie Dimon noise, Steve Hanke not grasping the importance of unconfiscatable, Wyoming, the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, and much more! Politics in the BTC space? MMT and BTC? Adam finally has a lightning wallet! THANKS to Gregor, Johny Midas, Bitpiggys Jim, NotMyTarantula, and Travistyist there will be a new 1 BTC show soon!

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