The Elite Bitcoin Holder Show- Escape to the BTC Overlay! Adam & Cedric talk about Algorithm Slaves, Fascism, USA Cowboy Spirit, MUCH more


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San Diego, CA- One of the best Bitcoin shows I have ever been a part of! It lasts over 2 hours, but it flies by! Cedric Youngelman is an awesome host! We go beyond BTC at times and Trace Mayer even comes up in conversation! All sorts of current Bitcoin questions, and some classic memories. Future attacks, strong hands, virus, life, health, and MUCH MORE! Pound that like button! Here is how Cedric described it: "In this wide-ranging & engaging conversation with Adam Meister AKA The Bitcoin Meister AKA The Disrupt Meister AKA The Strong Handed Unique Beast joins me to discuss: - The worship of complexity - Personal responsibility as the new counter-culture - The cowboy spirit of America - Will Elon Musk fork Btc? - El Salvador, Fedcoins, Roger Ver, Mike Hearn, the block-size wars, Tone Vays, Giacomo Zuco attacking Trace Meyer in Las Vegas, Nic Carter, Richard Heart, Erik Vorhees, American Hodl, Biden, Trump, Warren, De Santis, lockdowns, tyranny of the majority, secession, Bitcoin & so much freaking more Adam was on fire for the whole time & there were even some tears. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did."


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