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In this informational episode, BBL host and Valkyrie CIO Steven McClurg invites Nasdaq’s Head of ETPs Giang Bui to discuss ETFs and more. The two kick it off with a discussion about the process of getting an ETF up and launched. This process, lasting anywhere from 30 to 240 days, must go through several checkpoints set up by Nasdaq and the SEC to ensure all requirements are met for approval. Bui explains that if a product listing doesn’t meet Nasdaq’s generic listing standards, they must file a 19b4 with the SEC to seek their approval. “Issuers choose Nasdaq because our brands align so well with them in terms of innovation and driving to the market for the future. We support them from a regulatory standpoint, when a product is traded and listed from a capital market standpoint, as well as marketing and distribution”, Bui shares. “It was great to see one of the first Bitcoin related ETFs come to market the other week, and we are excited to be able to support Valkyrie as a first mover.” McClurg shares his past experience fighting for actively managed ETFs and having affiliated indexes. The frustrating process hurt the mutual fund industry and pushed a lot of mutual fund issuers into ETFs. They go on to discuss leveraged and inverse products, how Bui came to Nasdaq from the New York Stock Exchange, and if she thinks a Bitcoin Spot ETF will come to market in the next year. We want to be a bigger supporter for issuers and help navigate the regulatory framework for new and innovative products like things that Valkyrie is working on to come to market. They close out the episode talking about NFTs, musicians, comedy, Bitcoin 22, and some of the cool things Nasdaq has done in the past few months

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