558: Seeing Greene: Cash Flow—The Most Overrated Metric in Real Estate?


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Cash flow is arguably the most important metric in real estate investing…that is if you’re talking to novice investors. Expert investors, like David Greene, know that cash flow is but one of many factors to consider when buying a rental property, and it’s arguably the least important. While rookie investors focus on building their cash flow, veterans focus on building their wealth while freeing up their time.

On this week’s episode of Seeing Greene, your jiu-jitsu and real estate sensei is back to drop some wealth-building bombs so you can work less, live more, and lead a happier life. David takes questions in the form of video submissions as well as questions off of the BiggerPockets forums. The topics of these questions range from HELOC (home equity lines of credit), buying rentals without a W2, cash flow vs. appreciation, and why rent appreciation isn’t matching home appreciation.

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In This Episode We Cover:

When to use HELOCs, hard money loans, or conventional loans to buy rentals

How to find financing for a rental when you don’t have W2 income

What sellers look for when deciding on which offer to take

How to lower your DTI (debt-to-income) ratio so you can qualify for more loans

Whether or not to focus on cash flow or appreciation for long-term wealth building

Why rent growth cannot and will not match home price appreciation

And So Much More!

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