541: BiggerNews December: Zillow Quits Flipping, Inflation News, & "Power Buyers"


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Will inflation sink real estate? Is Zillow out of the iBuyer game? And why does my cash offer mean less than it did last year? Dave Meyer, VP of Data and Analytics at BiggerPockets, has heard your questions through BiggerPockets forum posts, YouTube videos, and on Instagram. This data-loving sandwich connoisseur is back to walk you through the biggest stories in real estate.

As incredible as Zillow Offers was, it looks like it won’t be around any longer (at least for a while) since having a half a billion-dollar loss in Q3 of 2021. With Zillow’s exit from the iBuyer and flipping market, other big players like Opendoor and Offerpad have come in to fill the gap. But, what about the new “Power Buyers” in the market? Will they help or hurt real estate investors?

We’ve also seen a run-up in inflation over this past year, causing home prices to artificially soar (especially when paired with low interest rates). So what is the best move for a real estate investor to make in today’s market? Take advantage of low-interest mortgages and all-time high rent prices, or wait for a supposed housing market crash or correction?

In This Episode We Cover:

Why Zillow cut their losses and exited the iBuying arena

The new “Power Buyers” in the housing market and how they could help investors like you

What a 30-year high inflation rate means for asset prices

How to take advantage of record-low interest rates for long-term cash flow

The cities in the US with the highest growing rent prices

What to look for in a rental depending on your estimated retirement age

And So Much More!

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