555: Buying in Expensive Markets & When to Jump Into Real Estate: Live Q&A w/Henry Washington


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If you’ve got real estate investing questions, David Greene and Henry Washington have answers. These two real estate investors have been through the good times and the bad times, dealing with dozens of tenants, plenty of 2 AM maintenance calls, and all the fun that comes along the way. Today, they open up their minds to help share answers to some of the most asked real estate questions.

These questions were taken directly from real estate investors, just like you! You’ll get to hear exactly how David and Henry answer tough questions like these, on the spot, with no preparation. If you’ve been itching to ask a question to a high-level investor like David or Henry, stick around, as they might answer your question on today’s episode!

Want to ask a question next time? Submit yours at biggerpockets.com/david!

In This Episode We Cover:

How to buy properties in an expensive market (and still cash flow!)

Whether or not you should convince a seller to owner-finance you a deal

Saving up down payments vs. using HELOCs (home equity lines of credit) to purchase your deals

When the right time to jump into real estate is (and how much you should have saved)

Whether or not you should buy a house that’s on a septic tank

How to finance more properties when you’ve personally maxed out your DTI (debt-to-income ratio)

And So Much More!

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