205: From $50k in Debt to Financially Free in 2 Years w/ Lots of Ups & Downs


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There are lots of twists and turns throughout every investor's journey, but maybe not as many as Zeona McIntyre’s. Growing up with the words of Suze Orman in her ear, Zeona knew that there were a few things she had to do, like max out her Roth IRA every year. It wasn’t until Zeona was talking to a friend who told her about Airbnb arbitrage that she realized a future in real estate investing may be the most successful.

Before there were many short-term rental laws, people would Airbnb out of their own rented apartment, often without the landlord’s permission. Before you go off on Zeona in the comments, know that she does not do this anymore, and a few of her landlords were surprisingly okay with the plan. Since then, she has purchased 11 doors that she rents out, both to short and long-term tenants.

You’ll hear how Zeona used private funding, an unfortunately-fortune life insurance payment, and many other creative methods to get her to financial independence in just 2 years!

In This Episode We Cover

  • Airbnb arbitraging and why it was so popular in the early days of short-term rentals
  • Paying off student debt but feeling like you’re not “moving the needle”
  • Why it’s so important to consume financial information at the beginning of your career
  • Dealing with the death of a loved one, and finding ways to honor their memory
  • COVID’s impact on Airbnb and the short-term market in general
  • And So Much More!

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