#110 Networking, BioSecurity and Generative AI — Morgan Cheatham (VP Bessemer Ventures)


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Morgan Cheatham is Vice President at Bessemer Ventures and an MD Student at Brown. He was Forbes30u30 for Venture Capital.

Morgan is a super smart guy who has lots of interesting theses and billion dollar ideas in health and life sciences, including ones in generative AI and biosecurity.

We also spend lot of time talking about relationship-building, networking and using the content game to make it in health.

0:00 Intro

0:31 Relationship building

1:54 What you can offer people

3:33 Having strong beliefs as a competitive advantage

4:02 How to develop unique theses in health

6:56 How to avoid just following trends and have original ideas

10:09 How to network

13:15 How to use content as a USP in health

19:58 Is content-creation for charlatans?

21:54 Predictions in health: Generative AI + BioSecurity

27:19 BioSecurity Idea

29:27 Billion $ Health Ideas

31:43 Generative AI in healthcare

34:11 Book recommendations

37:06 Habits

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