002 - Want to deal with relationship conflict in a healthy way? Don and Alex Flecky tell us how...


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Want to deal with relationship conflict in a healthy way? Relationship experts Don and Alex Flecky are ready to help. In this episode, they share their personal experience with conflict, and how to create a healthy relationship — techniques that can heal our polarization.

Don and Alex are the co-creators of Couple Talk. An online program for couples with extensive research and part of the original Relationship Enhancement, by Bernard Guerney.

We talk about:

-The disappointment they both felt the day after they married

-How they overcame the obstacles of bad habits from their own family

-Where Couple Talk came from

-How to see each other's point of view, even if you don't agree

-Their 3 poignant relationships

-Modeled the most effective way to give and receive an appreciation and encouraged us (Lucy and Naomi) to do the exercise

-In the end, they gave us a powerful "big picture" message that gives us hope when feeling change isn't possible

These skills are vital in all the relationships you have. #BigPictureLoveStories #DonAlexFlecky #CoupleTalk #LucindaLoveland #NaomiRobertson

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