98. Feeling Lost, Getting Unstuck, and Making Tough Decisions with the ‘Millennial Therapist’ Tess Brigham


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Feeling a little lost? It’s all part of the journey baby! Adulthood is riddled with false starts, figuring sh*t out, and having to make tough life decisions that affect our life path. It’s daunting! Here to help us find our way this week is Psychotherapist and certified life coach, Tess Brigham. She has been dubbed the ‘Millennial Therapist’ by CNBC, and has been featured on the Doctors, in Oprah Magazine, Forbes, The New York Times, HuffPost, and NBC to name a few AND she even wrote The Quarter Life Crisis Handbook!

Tess specializes in helping millennials discover their unique life path and she is a vital resource for those who may be feeling stuck, uninspired, or uncertain by where they are in life. She brings her experience within the worlds of psychotherapy and coaching together to work with young adults on relationships, mental health and career development, and today she is on the pod to help all of us get unstuck, feel a little less lost and lead more confident, purpose driven lives.

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