Episode 41: Recruiting Sprinter: Trent Cotton of Bureau Veritas Group


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Trent Cotton is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition (TA) and Retention of Bureau Veritas Group, having pivoted his career from a focus on lending to talent after recognizing the close connection between the two. He draws keen insights on recruitment from his early career in banking, having learned from some tough customers like the “Chicken Lender” as well as his first mentor who gave him an honest earful after their first client pitch. Now with a boatload of TA accomplishments and leadership positions as his foundation, Trent applies the principles of Agile methodology to Talent Acquisition in his book Sprint Recruiting - Innovate, Iterate, Accelerate. He shares numerous examples of taking the team he leads to a new level of confidence and productivity by setting healthy boundaries and expectations with Hiring Managers and candidates. It’s worth the listen just to hear Trent’s entertaining stories, as well as his practical approach to running an efficient TA operation. Enjoy! Thanks to our Sponsors! Paradox/Olivia: www.paradox.ai ATAP: www.ATAPglobal.org RPOA: www.RPOAssociation.org

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