Elliott Rae - Equal Parenting, Masculinity & Dads Mental Health


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Our guest this week is Elliott Rae, the Founder of Music Football Fatherhood, a support forum often referred to as 'Mumsnet for Dads' and author of the best-selling book, “Dad - Untold Stories of Fatherhood, Love, Mental Health and Masculinity.
Elliott left his senior career in the civil service following the traumatic birth of his daughter and is a passionate advocate of men's mental health. His own experience of PTSD inspired him to write the book, Dad, in which Elliott and 19 other dads open up about their honest experiences of fatherhood.
We discuss:

  • Dads' mental health and recognising the signs you need help
  • How to achieve true equal parenting
  • Why you need to have open conversations about parenting before becoming a parent
  • Toxic masculinity and positive masculinity

Eliott will be presenting the BBCOne show 'Becoming Dad' on Wed 26 Jan 22 at 7.30pm, as part of the #WeAreEngland series. Do tune in or look out for it on iPlayer.
Connect with Elliott on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @iamElliottRae
Plus head to www.musicfootballfatherhood.com to buy the book and access more resources.
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