Prophet Pearls #13 -Shemot-Isaiah 27:6-28:13; 29:22-23


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This week’s Prophet reading—traditionally called the Haftorah—is Isaiah 27:6–28:13; 29:22–23. It accompanies the Torah portion Shemot (Exodus 1:1–6:1).

This week’s passage contains some sharp contrasts between God’s stern chastisement of his people Israel, and his undying love for them. In order to have her sins removed, Israel must wholeheartedly turn from her idolatry. Ultimately, Israel will accept God’s instruction, sanctify his name, and once again worship him on his holy mountain in Jerusalem. Listen to Keith Johnson and Nehemia Gordon as they discover priceless gems in this installment of Prophet Pearls: Exploring Biblical Prophecy for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.
If you would like to listen to Keith and Nehemia discuss the Torah portions that correlate to the Prophet portions here are the original Torah Pearls programs recorded in 2011-2012.

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