FAITH CASTS OUT FEAR! - A thought for the day from Brother Robert Prins


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Have you ever been afraid? Maybe you have been hauled into the managers office after having done something wrong at work. Perhaps we have been afraid of some bully who was going to harm us in some way. Or maybe our fear has been that of something nasty happening to ourselves or to a loved one.
Jesus wants us to know that faith needs to overcome our fear. He doesn't want us to be afraid, instead he wants us to have faith in God. Luke records four examples in quick succession that help us overcome our fear and replace it with faith. first example was when the disciples were out on the water with Jesus and a great storm blew up. Jesus was asleep. Finally they woke him up in fear, saying, "Master, Master, we're going to drown." (Luke 8:24) Jesus woke, calmed the storm and asked his disciples, "Where is your faith?" (v.25)
The second example was that scary man Legion who was tamed by Jesus. When the locals heard how Jesus had healed Legion, they were overcome with fear. (v.37) But once they accepted Legion's word, their fear turned to faith.
The third example was the woman who touched Jesus. She was afraid to own up to what she had done, but when she did, Jesus put her fears to rest, saying, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace." (v.48)
And finally, when the daughter of Jairus died, Jesus reassured Jairus' fear, saying, "Don't be afraid; just believe and she will be healed." (v.50)
Let's not let our fears overcome us, but allow our faith to be built up by the Son of God.
Robert Prins
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