Episode 140 — Conflict Architecture, Truth & Reconciliation, CIF Funding


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Anwar Jaber, an AMTD postdoctoral fellow in the School of Architecture, discusses the effect politics and conflicts have on the built environment and vice versa. The University observes the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation to honour the lost children and survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. The Canadian Foundation for Innovation awards more than $3.8 million to 23 projects based at the University. And Alumni Black and Gold Day returns to campus. Links and resources: Truth and Reconciliation: https://uwaterloo.ca/indigenous/events/national-day-truth-and-reconciliation-2022 Speaker Kevin Lamoureux: https://uwaterloo.ca/indigenous/events/kevin-lamoureux-truth-and-reconciliation-higher-learning CFI funding announcement: https://www.innovation.ca/news/researchers-across-canada-receive-major-investments-tackle-national-global-challenges CFI Waterloo: https://uwaterloo.ca/research/news/cfi-funding-awarded-waterloo-researchers-0 Waterloo at 100: https://uwaterloo.ca/president/waterloo-100 President’s Forum: https://www.ticketfi.com/event/4750/presidents-forum-fall-2022 Black and Gold Day: https://uwaterloo.ca/alumni/events-and-awards/alumni-black-and-gold-day Ontario Universities Fair: https://www.ontariouniversitiesfair.ca/ Beyond the Bulletin on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLawkBQ15NDEkkHnZKLer9upKt2l9edSoe Podcast listener survey: uwaterloo.ca/daily-bulletin/pod…st-listener-survey

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