S4 Ep42: You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato: Episode 42 (Dan Quayle's Feud with Murphy Brown)


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Happy New Year lovelies! In this episode we are drinking an iconic daytime cocktail, the Bloody Mary. This classic 90s drink is considered by some to be “the meatloaf of the cocktail world” for its evolving recipes has a hazy origin story but features some of our favorite accoutrements. It’s popularity ties into the era of STEPHANIE’s scandal.

STEPHANIE’s scandal is the historic fight between Vice President Dan Quayle and Murphy Brown. We raise our glasses to waging a culture war against an imaginary woman and losing spectacularly! We love to see it!

ALSO MENTIONED: Bucket of Blood, Canton, socialists, Patreon, shutting one’s wet mouth, family values, Yurp, Married with Children, TR, bootstraps, LA riots, Veep, the narcotic of welfare, babies having babies, Candace Bergen, the moist eye emoji, embarrassing one’s ancestors, that time Dan Quayle saved America and Designing Women and Delta Work.

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