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Episode 10 Michelle Parker
Join John Lordan from Youtube's LordanArts & Brainscratch channels, as well as the podcast, Seriously Mysterious, as he discusses a case that is beyond bizarre – the 2011 disappearance of young mother Michelle Parker. Michelle, age 33, lived and worked in Orlando, Florida. She had an 11 year old son and young twins, whose father was Michelle’s ex-fiance Dale Smith. On November 17th, Michelle and Dale taped an episode of The People’s Court, in which they addressed a dispute over an engagement ring. Michelle told the judge that day that her and Dale’s relationship was volatile because he was violent and toxic. After the People’s Court taping, Michelle drove to Dale’s house to drop the twins with their father. She was never seen again. Her SUV was found the next day, parked at a mall Michelle was not known to frequent. Where is Michelle Parker?
John Lordan has been creating respectful true crime coverage on YouTube since 2016 with his unsolved mysteries show BrainScratch, raising exposure to missing person’s cases on Searchlight, and analyzing how cases are solved on Case Cracked. Learn more at LordanArts.com and follow him on Twitter @LordanArts.
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