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Episode 9 Melvin 'Ted' Carr
The host for this episode is Charlie Worroll from the podcast, Crimelines.
Join Charlie as she hosts the first Beyond Bizarre True Crime episode of 2022! Charlie discusses the very bizarre case of Melvin “Ted” Carr. In April 1977, Ted’s wife Harriet walked into the garage of their Indianapolis home and found Ted dead on the floor. A hose ran from the tailpipe of his car, which was running, into the trunk. The trunk was open. Harriet peered inside, and ran out of the garage shrieking in horror. In the trunk were three bodies – a woman, a teenage girl, and a 2 year old boy. The women, who had clawed their nails off trying to get out of the trunk, had died of carbon monoxide poisoning. So had the child, and Ted – who had a gun in his pocket. It turns out that Ted had abducted the trio at gunpoint and sexually assaulted the females. And this was far from his first offense. The surprising contents of the trunk were just the latest in Ted’s very long string of criminal acts. Some of his suspected victims have never been found. Who was Ted Carr, and how many victims did he have?
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