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Episode 12 Patsy Wright
This host for this episode is Justin Rimmel from the Mysterious Circumstances podcast. Join Justin as he discusses a case that is beyond bizarre – the murder of Patsy Wright. In 1987, Patsy and her sister Sally owned two lucrative wax museums in Texas. At around 3:00 AM on October 23rd, 43-year old Patsy called Sally and told her that she had taken some NyQuil to help her sleep – as she often did – but that now she felt ill. While on the phone with Sally, Patsy collapsed. By the time Sally and her husband Steve arrived at her home, Patsy was incapacitated, and she died soon thereafter. An autopsy found that she had been poisoned with strychnine put into her NyQuil bottle. There were – and are – several suspects in her case: her two ex-husbands; her boyfriend; her brother-in-law; or someone else. A tray with two plates was found in her bedroom, as though she had hosted a guest. Several of these suspects had a motive, including the ownership of the wax museums and testimony that Patsy was scheduled to give in a trial, but police were never able to solve her case. Who killed Patsy Wright?
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