Rescuing Women and Children from Sex Slavery by Building a Successful Business with Mat Boyle from Online to Offline


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Online to Offline seeks to provide service in creating sustainable and scalable business development teams. They could help scale their business and increase their revenues and profits. However, their primary mission is to create jobs for vulnerable youth and women.

In this episode, Mat shared how he uses his business to drive his passion for helping other people, especially youth and women who are abused and deprived of their human rights.

He talks about his feelings of emptiness that people don’t need his expertise.

However, as he immersed himself in the stories and what he saw in Thailand, he started to feel how grateful people were. That there is more to life and money.

Seeing the big problem in Thailand, his heart was touched by God, and he just could stand by idly. And so he started helping youths and women, eventually solving it by providing jobs to these people.

Mat Boyle talks to Dr. Brad about how he shifts his perspective on measuring success by the amount of money into measuring success by the number of jobs they create. And that mindset made him change everything he knew from the business point of view.

Episode 225 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to change, fight human rights abuse, and give opportunities to those in need, for you to realize that there is more in life and money and the feeling of joy and fulfillment in changing other people’s lives.

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