207: Resolving Childhood Trauma with The Power of A Love That Heals with Danielle Bernock


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Danielle Bernock is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode 207 of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Danielle talks about childhood trauma and how you can get through it.

In her personal experience, she is a survivor of multiple childhood traumas. She dismissed these traumas because she thought they were not bad enough because she was not sexually molested, hadn’t been through a natural disaster, or had a major traumatic event in her childhood.

She compared all the trauma she has been through to things that are massive in scale, which is why she dismissed them as nothing.

She grew up in a very authoritarian home. Whenever she had emotions, all she did was keep them inside her. Her parents did not help with this which is why she concluded that this form of the trauma she had is called childhood emotional neglect.

Bullying was also one of the traumas she went through. She was not born Danielle Bernock. She legally changed her name in 1988. Her trauma was associated with her old name.

One of the events that affected her entire life was a public humiliation she suffered in front of the entire church.

However, she eventually intervened and through many processes, she was healed of all the trauma she had.

She also suffered a lot of death while growing up. Her grandmother, her father, her older brother, and a close friend in high school all died in a 4–5-year period, which added to the neglect she felt at home and the bullying she had in church, among other things.

Danielle had a warrior mindset even though she was a highly sensitive person. She decided that she is not going to live like she was at the time. She had the drive to want to heal, be different, and change.

A turning point in her life was when she went on a road trip with a friend, and she discovered her love for God.

Episode 207 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone who’s been through trauma and has considered giving up. Receiving love and loving yourself are keys to a fulfilled life. It might be hard but struggling and never giving up will take you a long way in life. All you have to do is fight.

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