201: Leading The Way In Preventing Child Sex Trafficking With Jan Edwards


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Jan Edwards is the founder, president, and chair of the board of a non-profit organization named Paving the Way Foundation.

Edwards used to work in the corporate world when all of the sudden she experienced a change of flow in her path.

She had the opportunity to attend various conferences that lead to her changing her thoughts and path.

Paving the Way Foundation aims to help inform people about human trafficking especially to children and parents. It helps in enlightening them about the topic so it could be prevented in the future.

She personally saw how human trafficking is happening during a mission she went into after she left her job.

Human trafficking has been a huge problem especially to those who are misinformed on what it is. Parents are most often don’t have any idea that it was already happening in the lives of their kids. The kids sometimes do not tell their parents on what’s happening.

Orphans are also victims. Edwards mentioned that they were the number one source of human trafficking. Children are most likely the target in this.

Episode 201 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast are for those who wants to be educated and enlightened about the topic regarding human trafficking. This will help prevent grooming and recruitment of children.

In this episode, Edwards shares to us her personal experience while working in the foundation. She also discusses all about human trafficking. She shares how they were able to educate over 16,000 young people and adults during the past years.

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