Episode 36: "Mmmmmm!" (The Concubine Monologues); Guests: Katy Helper Jordan & Matt Jordan


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This episode, local actors Matt Jordan and Katy Helper Jordan join us to discuss their acting experiences (Do you remember Matt's drunk driving PSA from the '90s? Can you get him a copy?), how they met, and their YouTube film review channel, Movies & Mischief with Matt & Katy. Come for Katy and Matt's banter; stay for their thoughts on "Every Breath You Take", "The Peanut Butter Falcon", "Ready or Not", "The Goldfinch", "No Remorse", Michael B. Jordan and more! And if you're here for the regular B2B gang: Jay floats a new catch phrase (to the revulsion of all present), Becca proposes a hypothetical baby name, and Tice delivers the most brilliant commentary on 1988's "The Great Outdoors" that Matthew has ever heard. All that plus concubines on episode 36 of Between Two Butts!

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