Drinking While Black 2022: The Black Experience in the Craft Beer World


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The Drinking While Black Series was started in 2021 as a panel for black beer fans to come together to discuss what it is like to be in the community, the positives and negatives that have come from it, and what can breweries, festival owners, and fans alike do to be inclusive and promote equity and not just equality. 2022 Brought in Aaron Hose, documentarian and creator of the One Pint at a Time Film to co-host with Better on Draft’s Robear, as they bring in influencers and workers from across the country to talk about being black in craft. Listen to their stories from going to festivals and breweries, actions to improve inclusion, and overall how they see progress has happened, and the progress they want to see in the future of craft beer.

Hosts: Aaron Hose - @iamfloribbean Robert Everett III - @robear00

Panelists Angie Thomas - @the_undeniable_vixen Matthew Wilson - @grill_this Bronsky Bryant - @beerisfundamental Ashlie Randolph - @biwocinbeer Aubrey Perry - @crackem.beer

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