Craft Beer News (07/15/22) – Increased Prices & False Advertising


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This weeks news articles talk about the new Michigan laws about being able to have self service booze at venues. Nick talks about how prices are rising and we discuss if we’ve noticed it or how our buying habits have changed during COVID. Ken discusses a lawsuit about a brewery who the claimants say there is false advertisement, and Dan ends the news talking about the repeal of the 1834 Indian Trade and Intercourse Act in 2018 which is allowing for Native American tribes to start making their own alcohol and selling it on their land. Want us to cover articles? Send us the news to

Ken's Article - Brewery’s electrolyte hard seltzer labels are ‘misleading and dangerous,’ lawsuit says ( Dan's Article - Diversity in Spirits: Tribal-Owned Brewery and Distillery Looks To Be a Model for Others ( Nick's Article - Beer drinkers clinging to higher-priced brews as inflation rages, Molson Coors CEO says ( Tito's Article - Michigan bars and restaurants can now offer self-serve taps (

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