Craft Beer News (07/08/22) – What Do Stone and Modern Times Tell Us?


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This weeks news segment takes us both local and international. Tito discusses the new law to allow for alcohol at state colleges for their basketball, football, and hockey games. Nick asks us if we’d drink beer from recycled sewage water. Dan gives us an update on the Modern Times sale, and Ken follows it up with a VinePair article about if craft beer fans actually care these days about breweries selling out. Wendy ends the show with a study about beer being good for you and asking us if we believe the study was worth it. All of this and more on this weeks episode of craft beer news.

Wendy's Article- 'Your good health!': Drinking beer can be good for you, claims study ~ Ken's Article - Does Anyone Care That Stone Brewing Sold Out? ~ Dan's Article - Modern Times Sale: Brewery X Bows Out; Maui Next in Line to Acquire San Diego Craft Brewery ~ Nick's Article - 'Tastes just like beer...I like'. Want beer from recycled toilet water? ~ Tito's Article - Bipartisan bills would allow alcohol sales at college sporting events in Michigan ~

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