Craft Beer News (04/29/22) – Can Government Red Tape Kill Beer?


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CRAFT BEER PODCAST NEWS EPISODE! This weeks craft beer news has Wendy taking a deep dive into the massive beer shortage about to happen and the laws and red-tape hurting bars in Quebec. Ken asks if you’d sell your future for a win today when discussing the request in law changes in Minnesota from their brewers guild, and finally Dan discusses how war time in Russia could lead a hop shortage for their brewers and the effects it could have on businesses whose only crime is to just operate in Russia. As an added note, we will be off next weekend, may 7th 2022 in Traverse City for the third annual inaugural Spring Beer Festival, we will see you in two weeks with back to back interviews with Clown Shoes and Bella Snow Soft Ale. Which also means the next episode of the news will not occur until June 3rd. Stay tuned to our Tik Tok as we will add news segments in there over the next month for discussion.

Wendy's Article- Beer shortage caused by Molson Coors strike looms in parts of Quebec, bar owners warn Ken's Article - Minnesota Wholesalers Seek Pledge From Brewers and Distillers Not to Push for Future Alcohol Legislation for 5 Years if ‘Free the Growler’ Passes Dan's Article - Russian brewers ask for help replacing imported hops, Kommersant reports

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