Craft Beer News (07/29/22) – RTD's vs. IPA's, What's Your Summer Drink?


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CRAFT BEER PODCAST NEWS EPISODE! Diving into the news segment Ken talks about a Paste Magazine Op-Ed about surrendering to IPA dominance, Nick scares us with the current CO2 shortage in New England and Europe, Dan discusses the drop in barrel sales for craft beer in the most recent quarters, and Wendy walks us down memory lane of discontinued beers that we’ll never get to try again.

Wendy's Article-14 Discontinued Beers You'll Never Drink Again Ken's Article - Iconic Craft Breweries Are Completely Surrendering to IPA Dominance Dan's Article - Beer Institute: Tax Paid Shipments -3.3% in June 2022 Nick's Article - A carbon dioxide shortage is impacting Massachusetts craft beer production

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