Craft Beer News (06/03/22) – Is Athletic About to IPO?


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CRAFT BEER PODCAST NEWS EPISODE! With the last minute cancellation of the guest, Rob, Dan, Ken, and Wendy all hopped on after a few week hiatus to talk about some of the major news headlines that have appeared over the last few weeks we haven’t had a chance to talk about. As a reminder in these show notes, none of us are financial advisors and none of this is financial advice. Ken talks about Athletic Brewing IPO and investing in other alcoholic brands. Rob wants to discuss the Ube fruit and other adjuncts we do and do not want to see in our beer from now on. Dan updates us on the Minnesota Bill passing for to go beer at breweries and queries us as to if we think it’s worth it and what they could do, and Wendy gives us the major Great American Beer Festival updates with this years downsizing in preparation for next years massive expansion. We end the show speculating on an article about AB looking to acquire more brands and each of the hosts give their take on a brewery both in Michigan and nationally that can be ripe for the purchasing.

Wendy's Article- The Great American Beer Festival will sell 20,000 fewer tickets for 2022 event in Denver Ken's Article - Athletic IPO Expected In Next Two Years Dan's Article - Minnesota Growler Bill passes Rob's Article - Is Ube, the Filipino Staple, the Next Trend in Beer?

Extra Article - AB Focuses on Mergers and Acquisitions

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