Episode 61 - Say Anything with Emily and Eric


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Happy Valentine's Day, listeners!

What could be more romantic than snuggling up with your significant other to listen to a podcast about this 1989 John Cusack movie??

I'm genuinely asking, because I've never seen it before. Neither have Eric or Emily, so we take this opportunity to check it out for the first time. We're all pretty sure it's a romantic film, and we're all certain it's got that scene with the boombox in it. Other than that... we have no idea what it's about.

Will Say Anything prove to be a worthy addition to our Valentine's playlists? Or will it be a cold, cinematic turkey? Download and find out.



Part 1- 0:00 to 16:49

Part 2- 17:02 to 1:41:30

Fishbone, Question of Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kfPN5B51XI

Article on the movie "Long Shot" referenced in the pod: https://film.avclub.com/long-shot-lost-at-the-box-office-but-it-s-poised-to-be-1846022976

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