Season 4, Ep.4- Lawrence Wintermeyer: Unlocking a Smarter Global Financial System


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This week, Jeff sits down with FinTech expert, and friend from Davos, Lawrence Wintermeyer, Co-Chair of Global Digital Finance. They deep-dive into a wide range of topics, including digitization of products and services, and the opportunity for governments to utilize digital currencies for relief in times of crisis.

Lawrence was the CEO of Innovate Finance, an NGO established by U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron with the goal of promoting FinTech by openly collaborating with regulators, technologists, and other key members of the FinTech ecosystem. Now, among other important efforts in the world of digital finance, Lawrence strives for greater adoption of technical standards and the use of digital assets.

Jeff and Lawrence tackle subjects like how FinTech can become a driving force behind more resilient industries and why asking governments to solve things on their own actually might not work. They also discuss topics like the emergence of stablecoins as friction-less digital currencies, the rising tide of digital identification, and opportunities for commercial and government institutions to collaborate on resiliency initiatives.

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