126 Update: COVID & Omicron in Aging (1.6.22 Edition)


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In This Episode:

This episode covers the latest on the ongoing Omicron surge, including whether it’s milder in older adults, what’s we’ve learned about rapid testing for Omicron, what to know about the current hospital situation, how to stay safer during the surge, and more.

The episode also addresses these FAQs:

  • But isn t Omicron supposedly milder ?
  • Do COVID tests (PCR and rapid) work against Omicron?
  • Do the COVID vaccines still work , and will they work against Omicron?
  • Are the COVID vaccines effective in older adults?
  • Why get vaccinated/boosted if you re just going to get COVID anyway?
  • What about those new COVID treatments?
  • Shouldn t we just let it rip ?
  • And if I test positive for COVID?
  • Is it safe to .

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