119 Update: COVID Vaccination in Aging (5.14.21 Edition)


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In This Episode:

Dr. K provides commentary on the recent COVID developments, including the CDC s latest mask guidance for vaccinated people, plus updated information on the effectiveness and safety of COVID vaccination for older adults. She also addresses FAQs about coronavirus vaccination.

This episode covers:

  • Why Dr. K has some concerns about the recent CDC mask update
  • What to know about breakthrough COVID cases, which have affected nursing homes and are being undercounted
  • The question of whether vaccinated people can transmit COVID
  • Recent studies related to COVID safety & efficacy in older adults
  • Why immunocompromised people might not be protected by the vaccine, especially if they have a blood cancer or are on medications that affect their B cells or T cells
  • How to think about COVID risk: yours and you exposing others to COVID risk
  • Answers to FAQs, including:
    • Should I get vaccinated against COVID?
    • Should my 90 year old mother get the COVID vaccine?
    • How well does the vaccine work in older adults?
    • Which vaccine is best for older adults? Which vaccine is safest?
    • Should I worry that the vaccine might harm me (or my frail older parent)?
    • Should I worry that I haven t responded enough to the vaccine?
  • Dr. K s current recommendations regarding COVID vaccination and staying safe given current conditions

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