112 Flu Shots for Older Adults in COVID Times: What to Know (2020 Update)


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In This Episode:

Dr. K explains what all older adults and family caregivers should know about the new flu shots available for older adults this year and recommendations for influenza vaccination during this first COVID fall. This episode covers:

  • The basics of influenza and why vaccination is important
  • What we know about influenza and COVID-19
  • Why older adults are at higher risk of harm from the flu and how the vaccine works
  • The two key ways you can protect yourself from the flu
  • Why this year is a good time to make sure older adults are uptodate on their one-time pneumococcal vaccination
  • What to know about flu shots designed for older adults
  • Which influenza vaccine she thinks is best for most older adults
  • When to get vaccinated by
  • What to do if your older relative is unable or unwilling to get vaccinated

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