102 The Importance of Grandparents and Intergenerational Connections


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In This Episode:

Dr. K talks with Kerry Byrne, PhD, a researcher and expert in aging and family caregiving, and the founder of TheLongDistanceGrandparent.com. They discuss the importance of intergenerational connections and of grandparents in particular. They cover:

  • Why intergenerational connections are so important to society, and how they reduce ageism
  • What we know about the grandparent-grandchild relationship
  • How Kerry’s experience living abroad led to her particular interest in “long distance” grandparents
  • Why grandparents are especially important, when it comes to countering ageism
  • How grandparents can more easily stay connected to grandchildren, especially if they live far away
  • Tips on fostering more intergenerational connections, whether that’s with family or others

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