097 Common Elder Law Issues When Helping Aging Parents


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In This Episode:

Dr. K talks with elder law and estate planning attorney, Mark Gilfix, JD, about common legal issues that come up when helping aging parents. He is a partner at Gilfix & La Poll Associates, a Bay Area law firm that helped pioneer elder law. They discuss:

  • What is elder law and how it differs from estate planning and trust law
  • Why a durable power of attorney (DPOA) is a vital elder law planning tool
  • How DPOAs come into play if there are memory issues or other capacity concerns
  • The role of attorneys in checking capacity when their clients complete legal documents
  • What happens if you contact an older parent s attorney with concerns about memory or capacity
  • The risks of undue influence, financial exploitation, and family members having an agenda
  • What people can do if they are concerned about the validity of an older person s legal transaction
  • Options when a potentially impaired older parent refuses to release DPOA documents to family
  • Why it s best for families to communicate early and often
  • How elder law attorneys can help with long-term care planning
  • Tips on starting planning conversations with your family

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