093 Hiring In-Home Care for Aging in Place: What to Know


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In This Episode:

Dr. K talks with Michelle Allen, LCSW, about what families should know, when they want to obtain or hire in-home care to help an older person with aging in place. Michelle is an experienced social worker and geriatric care manager based in Atlanta, and is a featured expert providing guidance in Dr. K’s Helping Older Parents Membership Community. They discuss:

  • How geriatric social workers (and geriatric care managers) help older adults and families address aging issues
  • Why families and older adults usually seek out privately paid in-home care
  • Why most of the home care services older adults need to age in place are not covered by Medicare
  • What is “home health care,” and how to get Medicare to pay for certain medically skilled home services
  • What to know about hiring paid in-home caregivers
  • The pros and cons of hiring through an agency versus hiring an individual caregiver
  • Why families have to pay taxes, if they hire someone without going through an agency
  • Common mistakes that families make, when hiring in-home help to assist an older person
  • Why aging in place may not work out, and how to plan for other options
  • The benefits of working with “life care planning” elder law firms, which provide geriatric care coordinators such as Michelle

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