JF2905: 70 Syndications & 15K Units in Just 4 Years ft. Ryan McKenna


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Ryan McKenna grew up with an entrepreneurial mindset, but his dream wasn’t initially to get into real estate — it was to become a professional baseball player. He attended Arizona State University on a baseball scholarship but was forced to walk away from the sport after being diagnosed with ITP, a blood platelet disorder, during his sophomore year. After recovering with a clean bill of health, Ryan decided his next move would be syndication.

Today, Ryan is the CEO and founder of McKenna Capital, a real estate private equity firm that provides passive investment opportunities through real estate syndications including multifamily apartments, senior living, bitcoin mining, self-storage, express car washes, and other niche alternatives. In this episode, Ryan shares how he came to grips with such a major life change, what drove him to start his business, and how he was able to scale to 70 syndications and 15,000 multifamily units in only four years.

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