Episode 9: Facial Recognition Software in BC, with Guest Mike Larsen


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Join hosts Matt and Jeremy as they welcome Mike Larsen for a discussion on the terrifying realities of facial recognition software. Mike Larsen is the Director of BC FIPA -- the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association -- and a professor of criminology at Kwantlen University. The hosts and Mike discuss the moral, legal, and philosophical dimensions of this emerging technology, and discuss the recent revelation that Clearview AI has been leasing facial recognition software to the RCMP and local police departments across the US and Canada. Just this month, privacy commissioners in BC and Ottawa weighed in on the legality of such technologies. Is privacy gone in Canada? Are we living in a dystopia? Should police be allowed to use such technologies? What can local, provincial, and federal governments be doing to retain a modicum of personal liberties in the age of Big Tech?

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