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Today, we've got a bonus episode for you! Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! We had so much fun answering them.
Listen in for answers to these very important questions:

  • Why are you both such amazing babes?
  • If you had to choose just one book to read forever, what would it be?
  • I’m about to have my first child. You both have kids, are there any children’s books that you can recommend?
  • I love your podcast, but wondering if there are any others that you can recommend bookish or not?
  • With everything going on in the world lately, I’ve been finding it really hard to read. I throw out every book I try after a chapter or two. How do you get out of a reading slump?
  • Obviously you love reading, but what other hobbies do you enjoy?
  • How do you find time to read all these books? Do you reread books? And if so which book have you read the most times?
  • Are you in the UK or US?
  • Which book is the most out of place on your shelf??

March's Book Club book is The Sentence by Louise Erdrich and our discussion starts on March 23rd on Instagram and Facebook!
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