Working Out Hard With "The Big Pygmy", Saving Villages in the African Jungle, Animal Psychology & Much More with Justin Wren.


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Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren is a former UFC and current Bellator MMA fighter, podcast host of Overcome with Justin Wren, and founder of the charity Fight for the Forgotten.

Fight for the Forgotten exists to empower the most bullied people in the world. They serve displaced indigenous peoples groups in west Africa to help ensure their health and human rights, and work to address the mental and emotional health needs of at-risk youth in the US through bullying prevention and character development programs.

Enjoy my conversation with Justin, which was definitely more of a chat than a traditional interview.

In my conversation with Justin Wren, you'll discover: -Ben's workout and diet while on the go... -Boundless origin stories... -Ben's journey as a human guinea pig and investigative journalist... -How Ben defines "biohacking"... -Non-negotiable elements of high-quality sleep... -Justin shares stories of saving villages in the African jungle... -Preparing mentally and physically for living in Africa... -Motivation for Ben's new parenting book... -Secrets to a great relationship with your spouse and children... -Justin does the animal psychology quiz with Ben... -And much more! -Upcoming Events: Episode sponsors:

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