How Much Exercise Is Too Much, Why Calorie Restriction May Be A Bad Thing, The Downsides of Hormesis & Other Shocking Health Myth Debunked With Jay Feldman and Mike Fave.


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Are you exercising too much?

Is hormesis a bad thing?

How much exercise is too much?

Should we be avoiding things like carb restriction, saunas and cold?

Is caloric restriction really not necessary for lifespan?

My first guest on this podcast - Jay Feldman - is a health coach, independent health researcher, and the host of The Energy Balance Podcast, and has strong opinions on all the questions above, and many others. He has degrees in neuroscience and exercise physiology from the University of Miami and decided to forgo medical school after realizing that the conventional medical approach was not the solution to the health problems that so many of us face.

After working through various conventional and alternative health paradigms and trialing countless diets (including everything from vegetarian to keto), Jay came across the idea that cellular energy is the foundation of our health. He now uses a bioenergetic approach to help men and women around the world maximize their cellular energy and achieve freedom from low-energy symptoms like chronic hunger & cravings, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, gut issues, and weight gain.

Jay is joined here by Mike Fave, an independent researcher, and a Registered Nurse. Traditionally educated in western medicine as an RN, his true passion is independent research. He spent close to a decade with his head inside a Pubmed article or a physiology textbook, and his heart in some type of nutrition or supplement experiment.

In the beginning of his journey, Mike damaged his health getting caught up in dietary dogma and nutrition ideology. He went the western medical route to try to fix the damage and wound up getting talked into a surgery he didn’t need. It’s taken him years to recover, but he doesn't regret it because he learned significantly from his mistakes. He saw all sides of the spectrum from being a patient to being a practitioner to being a part of the alternative health scene. He takes his lessons, experiences, and knowledge to help others not only avoid the mistakes he made, but help them rebuild their health without dogma, ideology, or authoritarianism.

During our discussion, you'll discover: -The history of the bioenergetic model... -How Jay and Mike reconcile the dichotomy between their view and the traditional view of a hormetic approach to health... -Why the traditional hormetic model is incorrect... -What causes energy access that leads to chronic disease… -What Jay and Mike's model looks like in the real world... -Clarity on what Jay and Mike's model does NOT mean... -Better ways to get the benefits of hormesis without the stress of hormesis... -And much more... Upcoming Events: Episode sponsors:

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