How To Reboot Your Nervous System & Train Broken Muscles How To Work The Right Way Again With Shawn Sherman.


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Someone reached out to me and told me about his work and how he can do sort of a reboot of the nervous system. I flew him out to my house and he worked his magic on me for a couple of hours with a form of therapy unlike anything I ever talked about before on a podcast.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What is the "Square 1" system?...05:30 -Pre-treatment checks on Ben the patient...12:30 -How basic, seemingly simple patterns can cause problems...31:27 -Customizing triggers for an individual...44:06 -What is going on during corrective exercise to fix the movement...59:20 -Test after using a functional activity equipment (bow)...1:15:02 -How to identify activities that produce pain...1:17:14 -And much more... Resources mentioned in this episode:

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