33 Day Alaskan Caribou Hunts, Japanese Misogis, Ice Baths, Saunas & Rucking: Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Healthy, Happy Self.


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In many ways, we’re more comfortable than ever before. But could our sheltered, temperature-controlled, overfed, under-challenged lives actually be the leading cause of many of our most urgent physical and mental health issues?

In the book The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Healthy, Happy Self, award-winning journalist Michael Easter, my guest on this podcast, seeks out off-the-grid visionaries, disruptive genius researchers, and mind-body conditioning trailblazers who are unlocking the life-enhancing secrets of a counterintuitive solution: discomfort.

In this podcast, we take a deep dive into Michael's book, and you'll discover the mind and body benefits of living at the edges of your comfort zone and reconnecting with the wild. Michael is a leading voice on how humans can integrate modern science and evolutionary wisdom for improved health, meaning, and performance in life and at work.

During our discussion, you'll discover: -How perspectives change when exposed to raw nature and discomfort... -The ancient Japanese practice to build championship athletes... -A nutrition expert who challenges conventional thinking about food... -How a trip to Bhutan changed Michael's view of death... -Why we've tipped too far into the realm of comfort... -And much more... Episode sponsors:

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