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Tracey Williams never would have believed that the life she lives today would have been possible. With over 20 years in addiction, unhealthy relationships, trauma, abuse, losing her children, and ending up in prison, she believed that her chances for a better life were out of reach.

The most challenging thing she has ever done is to walk back through her life, face the fear, shame, and guilt, and move through it. What she found on the other side were freedom and victory. A road that takes time and a journey inspired with hope. Tracey is now over 10 years clean and sober.

Tracey now is sharing her experience of what it means to be a Warrior, to fight, and to never give up. “I just want to give back and bring others on a powerful journey to recovery, because it is possible.” Her story is going to blow your mind. Tune in and be inspired by her will to fight, surrender to the truth, and how vulnerability guides her life.

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