Behind The Veil: Wedding Shaming


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It seems that Covid has allowed everyone to share their opinion about your wedding! Everything from "how could you?" to "what are you thinking?" are becoming part of the norm when it comes to responses from friends and family. How do you respond? When is it considered abuse?
We welcome back Dr. Tania Paredes to answer these questions and more! Tania is a clinical social worker in Miami with a private practice in Brickell Avenue in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale specializing in Individual & Relationship counseling, as well as the treatment and management of stress, anxiety and depression, among others. If you feel like you've been wedding shamed - then you are going to want to listen to this show.
Host: Keith Willard - Keith Willard Events
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Marci Guttenberg with An Affair To Remember By Marci
Brooke Logan Stoner - Keith Willard Events
Special Guest: Dr. Tania Paredes

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