Behind The Veil: Wedding Nightmares!


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This weeks show, Wedding Nightmares, has been the most requested theme for Behind The Veil. Let's face it - everyone loves a train wreck especially when it's not our own. Every event pro has a story of something crazy, over the top, or totally unexpected! Human beings in general are messy - now throw in a pressure cooker environment like a wedding, with a whole bunch of alcohol, a dash of in laws, a pinch of insecurity, and create a timer with the buttons that parents have installed since you were a child.

The results are usually, and surprisingly, beautiful and amazing. Connections are made, families are brought closer together, and love is celebrated! But in rare moments - more than a dash of this, or more than of pinch of this, and everything goes awry.

So get ready to hear some real doozies! But more importantly, how the pro reacted, that in many cases, saved the day. It will remind you that wedding and event pros are really superheroes in disguise.
Host: Keith Willard - Keith Willard Events
Behind The Veil Crew:
Marci Guttenburg - An Affair To Remember By Marci
Brooke Logan Stoner - Keith Willard Events
Special Guests:
Gaetana Wurtzel - Gaetana Events
Anna Hess - Anna Hess Events
Susan Jaffee - Pieces of Dreams
Tara Horner - Boca Lago
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