Behind The Veil: There is No Such Thing as Getting Your 15 Minutes in The Event Industry & Here Is Why!


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Everyone believes that if they can just get their 15 minutes - that life is going to be good...but it's not that easy - especially now! Here is what you have to do to become successful, and sustain that success, in the event world.
Our special guest - Shari Lynn Krammer has done it all...and you might just recognize her name as one of the original Editorial Directors of BIZBASH South Florida - an event industry magazine and website.
Shari graduated from SI Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse with a degree in Writing/Editing. After multiple stints freelancing for magazines, websites and blogs in Manhattan and South Florida, she Successfully launched, grew, and served as the Editorial Director of BIZBASH Florida, a start-up event industry magazine and website. Since 2007, Shari has created and managed company brands wrote award submissions, and traveled the world speaking and teaching at conferences. Now an accomplished author of Love, Life & Other Mundane Evils and 100 Little Life-Altering Experiences, Shari has started her next adventure with The Opal Group – a company designed to do it all for their clients. Whatever, Whenever and However – they will get it done!
A little more about Shari ...
Books, Books, Books … Finally!
Currently residing in Lake Worth, FL, I've just completed my first two books—Love, Life, & Other Mundane Evils, a book of Poetry; and 100 Little Life-Altering Experiences, a quick, feel good read. I am currently working on a series of children’s books on endangered animals in the “eductutional” genre and a crime novel.
What I Believe
- That which will not kill me will make me stronger
- You either get it or you don’t—and sadly, those who don’t “hear the music”, never will
- Kindness and empathy overcome all
- Bad grammar kills good writing, period. If you want to write like a pro, call an editor
- Take what you need but leave enough for others
- Everyone needs some “fur” in his/her/they life – animals make everything better
Behind The Veil Host: Keith Willard - Keith Willard Events
Co-Host: Marci Guttenberg - An Affair To Remember By Marci
Special Guest: Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer - The Opal Group
and Victoria DeSilvio, CWD The Opal Group
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