Behind The Veil: Selling Successfully - Challenges Sales People Need to Overcome and What a Client Should Be Looking Out For


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Events are starting to come back and with it comes the opportunity to sell to new couples. But has Covid-19 changed the game? What should Catering Managers and other sales professionals take into consideration when trying to seal the deal. The same can be asked of couples...what should couples think about when looking to contract their wedding vendors? This week we welcome Meryl Snow, an expert in the selling process!
Meryl Snow carries 30 years of experience owning event planning, high-end catering, and design and décor companies. She is the founder and owner of SnowStorm Solutions, where she serves as a senior consultant and sales trainer for businesses across North America and provides training for clients in the areas of sales, marketing, design, and branding. She is also the co-founder of Philadelphia-based catering company, Feastivities Events and its subsidiaries, OffShoots Décor and Philadelphia’s Picnic Company.
Definitely want to stay and listen to After The Veil - We ran way over time but it was so worth it!
Host: Keith Willard
Special Guest: Meryl Snow
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