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You finally had your perfect day! Over a year and half of planning, worry, and pandemic, you finally got your moment. But - was it captured correctly? Are you worried about how the photos are going to look and did you really hire the right person?
Avoid all of these questions and find out what you should be asking before you hire that pro, and what can be done after the fact.
Lynne Reznick is the owner of Lynne Reznick Photography, who was recently named on of the top wedding photographers by Boston Magazine. A high school teacher turned wedding photographer, Lynne knows how to roll with almost any personality, and use her teacher voice to keep people in line. She is also a constant contributor to a wide range of publications, including The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Wedding Chicks, just to name a few.
Lynne is also a sought-after speaker, where she teaches event pros how to become better business people through her lecture - Batch Working and Efficiency Techniques during Busier Times.
We are going to dive deep and get the 411 on everything that you should know before hiring that pro. The show is always live, so you never know what someone might say.
Host: Keith Willard, CWP - Keith Willard Events
Co-Host: Marci Guttenberg, CWP, CPCE - An Affair To Remember By Marci
Co-Host: Brooke Logan Stoner - Keith Willard Events
Special Guest: Lynne Reznick - Lynne Reznick Photography

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